In Memory of Albino Castagno

I found this video of Italian Albino Castagno while watching trials bike videos on Youtube.

This is a translation from the video description on Youtube “looking at the images you soon understand who was Albino, certainly not a trial champion, but certainly a champion of sympathy at 360 °, with him the fun was assured, was made of rubber, had a lions courage …. but as an old wise man said, courage is not bought, he was made like that … as crazy as he was nice. You have unknowingly taught the whole Action Action Gruop the art of making people entertained … … it’s been 20 years since you left … and yet fate wants it not to be the bike to bring you, it would It was too obvious …. and surely you would have been happier ….. but we are still convinced that even now you’re combining all the colors up there …. Hello crazy Albino rip your friend Sergio Canobbio and of course the Show Action Group

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