Drivers guide to bikers

Road safety information leaflet from ‘Someone’s Son’ campaign, a joint campaign devised and implemented by the safer roads partnerships.

Filtering is legal – give riders space to do it and don’t block them, it could cause a collision. A motorcyclist will not hold you up.

A motorcyclist may move around within their lane to improve vision into a corner, or to avoid other hazards such as potholes. Give them space; don’t assume they are moving over to let you overtake.

In poor weather, to stay safe a biker may be considerably slower through bends, roundabouts and junctions, back off and give them extra space.

Even a small bike will out accelerate most cars so allow for this at junctions, lights and turnings.

Motorcyles can move through small gaps in traffic, seemingly appearing from nowhere, so consider where one might appear from.

Motorcyclists like you are trying to have a quick hassle free journey.

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